Service Projects

Looking for some great Service Project Ideas, please check out the ones below.  Remember to check back often as new ideas will be added on a regular basis.

Service Project Ideas

  Kids Cooking Classes

For early childhood education classes/programs or any program that wants to focus on children.  Students will use the FCCLLA Planning Process to plan a cooking class for kids.  Your students could contact daycares or elementary schools for kids to participate.  This could be held once a week or just one full week completely, its up to the advisor.  Your members could divide the students into groups and teach them one or more basic recipes.  At the end, all kids can receive a kid’s cookbook and apron (made by FCCLA members of course!).

  Dinner on Us

Instead of only waiting on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, how about donating a bag of groceries to a chosen family each month?  You can determine the families in need by contacting DFACS.  You would of course deliver the groceries in reusable grocery bags.  This is an opportunity to help families throughout the year.  Food can be obtained through food drives or money from fundraisers.  Another idea would be just putting random groceries in there or putting complete meals.  Don’t forget to include recipes and/or a cookbook created by your organization as well.

 Necessity Bags

Contact your nearest shelter (homeless or battered women’s shelter).  Conduct a drive to gather materials used daily and toiletries.  Have members sew and decorate tote bags.  Try to fill each bag with the same types of necessities which would be great for the shelters to hand out to the new inhabitants.  You could also use the funds from a fundraiser to purchase items as well.

 Health and Nutrition Fair

This is great for people of all ages.  However, it does require in depth planning if you want it to be a success.  Below I have included resources to help make this idea a reality and ideas for types of booths:

  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Cholesterol Check
  • Glucose Level Check
  • Student health presentations
  • Fitness Test
  • Vision Screening
  • Dental Screening

                Please check out the great source included below, it shows you how to plan and execute a great health fair!

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