Promoting FCCLA/FACS

Membership Campaigns

 The hardest thing about running any type of organization is obtaining and retaining members.  In most cases your membership campaign can make or break your organization.  Here are some ideas to get you started and on your way to a successful year. 

  •  Week-long membership/campaign drive-instead of having a meeting on one day, how about having a week worth of activities to encourage students to join.
  • Advertising:  Always display flyers around the school and advertise on the school’s PA system during morning and/or afternoon announcements.
  • Open House/Curriculum Fairs:  Always be visible during these events by having a table and nicely dressed members to persuade new students to join.  Its also nice to have freshly baked goodies as well. 
  • New Membership Packets:  These are a great incentive for either all members that join or those that join by a special deadline.  They could be small bags that contain snacks and other FCCLA items.  If your budget permits, you could already order some basic tee shirts and/or tote bags and give those out as well. 
  • Incentives:  These could be given out to those who pay their dues early or by a set deadline and could be anything from gift bags to coupons for special days hosted by FCCLA such as ice cream socials, BBQ’s, pizza parties, etc.
  • Meet & Greet Social:  Have a social where your members get to meet with new and potential members and you can even run a slide show of trips, events, and service projects that your members participated in the previous years. 
  • Entertainment:  Tired of the boring membership campaigns, make yours stand out by having a step team, dance team, singer or rappers perform.  It is always great if the performers are apart of your club.  For example:  Slogan:  Step Up to FCCLA and have a step team perform! 
  • Class Competitions:  Award your class that either reaches 100% participation/paid dues first or the class with the most students to join and pay by the deadline. 
  • Buddy Meeting:  Host a meeting or social where each member has to bring a buddy in order to get in.  You can even have games and refreshments to make it more fun and to encourage a larger turn out. 

Slogans Ideas for Campaigning

  • You’re in Good Hands with FCCLA-You can use little oven mitts as tags or oven mitt shaped goodie bags, etc.
  • Step Up with FCCLA-Have a step team perform and either use shoes or stairs as your visual and to decorate a bulletin board.
  • Pop into FCCLA-give out small bags of popcorn
  • Charm Your Way into FCCLA-Hand out Charms blow pops with join FCCLA tags
  • Eat. Play. Join FCCLA-create great flyers and host a social event with food, games and memberships!
  • Shake, Bake & Roll with FCCLA-create a banner with rolling pins and aprons and other cooking equipment. 
  • Join the Team of FCCLA-bulletin board with member jerseys and treats with FCCLA jersey cut outs attached.
  • Can You Smell What FCCLA is Cooking?-baked treats with small oven cut outs attached; kitchen bulletin board or poster displays.
  • Catch the Wave with FCCLA-have little surf board cuts attached to treats and do a beach scene for the bulletin board or posters.
  • Get Connected with FCCLA-decorate and make treats using cell phones, ipods, laptops, ipads, etc.
  • Be a Star with FCCLA-use decorations and designs such as the red carpet and the HollyWood star walk of fame.  Attach star cut outs or make star shaped cookies.
  • Build a Future with FCCLA-construction site bulletin boards and posters; construction hat cut outs attached to treats.

If you have more ideas, please feel free to submit them and I will add them to the line up!!!  You all are the BEST!!!

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