Most Career and Technical Education teachers run a Career and Techncial Student Organization (CTSO).  Family and Consumer Science teachers run one by the name of FCCLA.  To find out more about this organization, click here.  This page will take you through several aspects of running a successful CTSO.  Some of the other categories are listed below:

Incorporating FCCLA into your classroom

          Family and consumer science teachers have a very demanding job.  Besides teaching multiple disciplines and being entrusted with extra duties such as event planning, alterations and preparations, fixing, lending and more, we have this magnificent organization to run called FCCLA.  Now, other CTE teachers have organizations as well, but I can only speak from the perspective of a FACS teacher.

           To make the task at hand a little easier and to run a great organization, it is a great idea to try and integrate the two.  By integrating FCCLA into your FACS curriculum and classroom, you kill two birds with one stone and become a more efficient and effective FACS teacher.

 Some benefits of combining the two include:

  • Helping develop leaders
  • Attracting  more students to the organization
  • Addressing schedule and work load challenges
  • Enriching classroom learning  and student’s performance

 Some ways to accomplish this is by:

  • Incorporating Star Events into class requirements
  • Allowing students to use the FCCLA Planning Process to complete several in-class projects

           In other words, you can take the FCCLA programs or Star Event Categories, create lessons that pertain to them that can be later used as an FCCLA project for community service or to be used in the Star Events competition.  Below you will find some example projects that fall under the FCCLA program of Career Connections.

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