Week 4: Service Learning





Service learning projects are a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom.  This week, we will be focusing on incorporating service learning projects in your classroom, their benefits and even share some ideas that you could complete during the new school year.

Service learning contains benefits for everyone involved in the process; students, teachers, and the community.

STUDENTS benefit by:

  • Increased understanding of class lessons
  • Gaining of hands on experience
  • Developing of critical thinking and problem solving ideas
  • Growing a professional network of people which may be beneficial later in life
  • Growing understanding of diverse cultures and communities

TEACHERS benefit by:

  • Promoting active learning by engaging students with different teaching styles
  • Boosting  current enrollment by attracting highly motivated and engaged students
  • Creating networks and networking opportunities with teachers and community members


  • Gaining additional human resources to achieve organizational goals
  • Increasing public awareness of key issues
  • Helping prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s community leaders

And of course, there are many more benefits.

Ways to Incorporate Service Learning in Your Classroom

  • You can pursue a new service learning project each month or semester
  • You may allow your students to conduct research to come up with service learning ideas to address needs or issues within the community
  • You can require that your students receive a certain amount of hours of service learning/community service within the semester

Service Learning Project Ideas

  • Allow students to create Websites for the community and/or teens.  Some ideas would be:
    • Jobs
    • Used cars
    • Bargains
    • Events
    • Scholarships
    • Beyond High school, etc.
  • Personal Development workshops(student-led on a wide range of topics)
    • For teens, elders, adults, etc.
    • Financial literacy
    • Book clubs
    • Free cooking lessons on preparing nutritious meals
    • Basic Sewing skills
  • ____’s Closet(You or the students could select the name)
    • Collects used clothing, re-patches, refashions, upcycles and gives to those who are in need.
    • May collect clothing for specific events such as prom, job interviews, graduation, back to school, etc.
  • “I Care” bags, boxes or baskets
    • Filled with personal hygiene items and small snacks
    • May be created for specific organizations or just random chosen organizations throughout the semester
  • Do Something for Teachers
    • Collect teacher/school supplies to aide in those teachers classrooms that may be lacking proper educational materials
  • College Fair Remix
    • Help students find other ways to pay for school without all the debt
    • Help fill out/research scholarship funds, FAFSA forms, internships, etc.
  • Business After-hours(A series of afterschool workshops)
    • Resume writing
    • Interview preparation
    • Dressing for success
    • Getting Hired through social media
    • Teen job fair participation after completion
  • Healthy Snack Options(focus on elementary classes, especially for afterschool snacks for kids heading home)
    • Provide healthy snacks to chosen classes along with a list of healthy snack options for the kids to take home to their parents.
    • You may even do a food demonstration as well
  • Afterschool Café(can be used as a fundraiser and/or service learning project-can be run by FCCLA/FACS students).  Ideas for the café are:
    • Poetry readings, book corner
    • Talent performances
    • Healthy snacks
    • Soft music
    • Calm, quiet atmosphere
    • Tutors/study buddies (homework area)

Got more service learning ideas that you would like to share, head over to the forums and start sharing here.



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