Tech Tool Tuesday: Padlet

Hello everyone,

It’s the beginning of a new school year and everyone is probably looking for new and exciting activities to use in their classroom. So I have decided that every Tuesday, I am going to try and share a different tech tool that can be used in your FCS classroom- “Tech Tool Tuesdays”. Up first, Padlet! One of my favorite tools that I use almost daily!!

Padlet is an online bulletin board that allows you to complete a variety of tasks. It is interactive, very easy to use, and FREE*! All you have to do is sign up to create an account, click on create a new board, and get started.

  • You can upload videos, pictures, documents, and web links
  • It updates in real time
  • It’s mobile friendly
  • You can control who sees what and who is allowed to post
  • It even generates its own QR code and allows you to give it a unique link making it easier to share with others.

*You only get to create 11 boards with the free account, you either need to update to the paid version to get more or delete old boards.

Some ways Padlet can be used in the classroom:

  • Appetizers (Bellringers)
  • Class Activities (student engagement/interactive)
  • Group projects/Collaboration
  • Resource page
  • Exit tickets
  • Class Calendar/Newsletter/Agenda
  • Sharing Student work
  • Word Wall

Some ways to use it in the FCS classroom:

  • Have students to upload pics of their finished Food Labs and allow their peers to rate them
  • Allow students to upload recipes they would like to do in class and then allow the students to vote on which ones they would like to make in class
  • Have students share their projects and receive feedback from their peers
  • Display a calendar with class assignments and links to the resource sheets if applicable for students who may miss a day of school
  • First day of school activities: allow students to introduce themselves on the padlet board, and tell something about themselves, share a quote, or pic
  • First day of school activities: allow the students input on what rules they think should be included in the classroom and what should be the consequences (Works great with classroom management because you can say…you created it!)

Check out a padlet I created here for a professional development workshop that I hosted for some teachers:

Here is an interesting article on 30 ways to use Padlet in the classroom.

Want to know more about ways to use Padlet in the FCS classroom or interested in me doing a video or live? Let me know in the comments below!!

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