Tech Tool Tuesday: EdPuzzle


Hello colleagues, I have a great site to share with you. Do you have difficulty keeping your students engaged during class videos? Do you want to show your administrators that your students are still learning while watching videos? Do you want to be able to assess your student’s understanding of a lesson or concept after watching a video? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then EdPuzzle is the tech tool for you.

EdPuzzle is a site that allows you to make any video your lesson. You just pick a video, add questions, prompts, statements, directions, etc. and share with your students in order to track their understanding and to keep them engaged.

EdPuzzle comes with a wide variety of video platforms that you can search to find videos in your specific subject area. Some of the platforms include:

  • Youtube
  • Khan Academy
  • National Geographic
  • TED Talks and more!

Once you have chosen a video, you are able to:


Ways to use EdPuzzle

  1. Create kitchen safety videos with questions
  2. Use quick video lessons with audio notes from you when you have a sub
  3. Create video recipe tutorials for students before they do a lab to ensure they understand

And much, much more!!!

Check out the 2 examples below on how to use it and then a sample clip that I used with my students during a lesson lecture.

How to Edit a Video in EdPuzzle:

Sample Video Lesson:

If you would like more information on EdPuzzle or if you would like for me to do a quick live video tutorial, drop a comment below.

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