Summer Camp Week 3: Organizing Your Classroom (Part 3)

Looking for some ideas to help you get organized and stay organized throughout the school year, check out the ideas below.  Need more ideas, you can check out the additional links listed below as well.

1.  Plan your space.  You can use Classroom Architect to do this or hand sketch it yourself.  Planning your space allows you to know where everything is going to go and also allows you to visualize what you have versus what you need.  For example, it allows you to recognize if you need more storage, tables, desks, chairs, wall space, etc.  It also allows you to plan your traffic patterns for your classroom as well.

2.  Use a planner.  There are lesson planners, teacher planners, academic planners, etc.  Choose one and use it to keep track of everything.  I prefer the printed kind, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can use online planners, or the ones on your phones/tablets.

3.  Use checklists.  Checklists are great for planning out everything that needs to get done for specific events, projects, etc.  Again, you have the choice between digital and  hard copy.  Don’t get it confused with a to-do list which lists everything that you have to get done.  Checklists are more project specific meaning you can use one checklist for each individual project, event, and/or large task.  Checklists are also beneficial in saving time and making sure that everything gets done.

4.  Storage.  You can never have too much storage especially when looking to create a place or space for everything.  And I’m here to tell you that it’s ok to think outside the box when it comes to creating storage.  Check out some of the creative storage ideas below.

Great for a demonstration table. Was created using two $20 book shelves and a $25 desktop from ikea.










Cube storage allows for better organization of several different items in one space.  These can be purchased at ikea, home depot, lowes and several other places.

I know that you have seen the teacher toolboxes everywhere, especially on Pinterest.  Just think of how wonderful this would look in your classroom.

DIY paper organizer for organizing all of your colored paper, construction paper, and more!

5.  Use Labels.  Get creative with labels by labeling things that belong to you personally and things that belong in your classroom.  You may also use labels on your storage bins, organizers, notebooks, workstatikons, etc.  Check out some of my fun labels.





6.  Create a student resource center which is set up like the teacher’s area with a desk, chair and all the supplies and materials that the students use on a regular basis.  This is a great way to keep students from taking things off your desk.  You can even assign a different student to sit there weekly or daily who would be responsible for making sure that all materials are returned and put away in the proper place.



I know this is a dream for most, but if space permitted this would be great for a student resource center that a student could run and use as their own desk.  (Great for teaching job responsibility and with a space like this, there would be plenty of volunteers 🙂






7.  Organize your digital resources (for teacher/students). Create useful website lists or key chains (called weblinks) of websites that students use on a regular basis and/or throughout the semester and place near all computer workstations.  You can even allow students to create their own personal resource key chains to have with them at all times.  (To create Weblinks-use D-links {key chain} and put small cards that contain websites with descriptions and laminate for durability)  I got the idea from Pinterest.








8.  Use Dropbox to work on projects and documents at home and at work without all the hassle of emailing them to yourself and/or lugging laptops back and forth to work.

Want more ideas?  Here you go….

Check out what this wonderful FACS teacher is doing in her classroom.  I always loved the idea of color coding the kitchen and I still think that it is a fabulous idea if you have the budget.

Denise’s FACS Classroom Ideas website 

Got more ideas for getting organized, share below or in the CAFE.  Check back later this week as we get creative with classroom themes and decorations!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Week 3: Organizing Your Classroom (Part 3)

  1. Love the weblinks idea, Takeebie! I think I will be using the same idea for BAby Think It Over quick tips, emergency contact information, and web support!

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