Summer Camp Week 2: Going Digital









Feeling green for the new year, how about digitizing your start of the year paperwork and other important documents/forms that students will need throughout the year.

You may get starting by:

  • Creating a list of all paperwork that you give to the students at the beginning of the school year.
  • You would then burn all this information onto a CD that is presented to the students.
    • You would then only need one piece of paper for the students and parents to sign stating that they had received and viewed the CD

*Now, this may be used as your only option or you may give students the choice of the printed paperwork vs. the CD in case of lack of access to the needed technology to view the CD.

Sample Ideas for what forms to include:

  • Welcome letter
  • Class Syllabus
  • Classroom rules/discipline process
  • Current event templates
  • Grade recording sheets
  • Semester long projects
  • FCCLA Club membership form
  • Information about FCCLA
  • School supply lists
  • Useful website list
  • Event and/or project calendars
  • Volunteer forms
  • Video/Photography permission form
  • Class standards
  • Reading Log
  • Recommended Books
  • Recipes (if it’s a foods class)
  • First day class presentations
  • Measurement conversion charts
  • Note taking templates

*Some uses of the student CD include allowing students to complete forms and email them to the teacher or print them out for use as needed.

*You also have the option of putting these forms on the class website and/or emailing them to students/parents.

*In some cases, students may just print all the forms out themselves and put them in a notebook if they know they are not going to have access to a computer on a regular basis.

*You want this CD to be as user-friendly as possible and you want it to be a great resource for students.  Make it something that they would be encouraged to use on a regular basis.

Feel free to share additional ideas for forms to include or additional ideas for going digital in the classroom in the forum under week 2.

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