Student Project Planning Sheets

to do list Tired of students procrastinating to start on projects….Student Project Planning Sheet

Sometimes when students are working on projects, they know what they have to do but they have a difficult time organizing their thoughts.  Other times, the project itself is overwhelming so they procrastinate on getting started.

Student Benefits

This sheet:

  • Helps students think things through
  • Helps them to see if it is reasonable or reachable of what they are trying to accomplish
  • It also allows them to put a plan of action in place so that they can get started immediately.

 Teacher Benefits

There are several ways for the teacher to benefit from this sheet as well.

  • Use this as a graded part of the assignment where you can preview a student’s plans for approval.
  • It also allows teachers to see if students actually understand the project and what they are supposed to do.

This sheet can be used for individual and group projects (with second page).  The group planning sheet allows students to assign tasks for all the members in the group so no one has to guess what they should be doing and everyone can agree on when everyone should have their portion of the project done.

Let me know what you think.

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