Real Life Pinterest Boards

It’s time to join the Pinterest craze with this pinterest board activity.  Real life pinterest boards are fun, creative, and helps substitute for lack of technology.  This activity can be used with all kinds of theme ideas such as:

  • Bedroom Makeover
  • Planning Your Wardrobe
  • Planning an event
  • Vision board/inspiration board for future careers/schools of choice
  • Favorite food labs/recipes
  • At the end of the semester-my best projects of the semester
  • Study notes
  • Standards covered and much, much more!

Basically, the possibilities are endless.  Great to be used in the middle school classroom as well.  Check out some examples of real life pinterest boards for inspiration.

Now I know this may sound like a vision or inspiration board but the attached student project sheet will show the difference.  Here is a copy of the editable project sheet Real Life Pinterest Board Project

If you are a teacher with regular access to technology, you may be interested in having your students create actual boards on pinterest.  Check out some more ideas at

Tips to remember when using Pinterest online:

*All pins on Pinterest are not safe.  So make sure that your students check to make sure that pins are appropriate and if links are working if that is apart of the assignment.

Let me know…Are you using Pinterest in the classroom?  If so, in what ways?


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