Parent-Teacher Relationships

Teachers have to develop several relationships throughout the year.  They develop relationships with administration, colleagues, students and also of great importance, parents.  In most cases, the teacher-parent relationship can influence the overall school year.  Great parent-teacher relationships lead to better student behavior, more outside help, better resources, and in some instances improved networks.

            At my previous school, there would be one day out the month when parents would be invited to have lunch with their kids.  During this time, they could also visit their child’s teacher to find out how they were doing.  This really seemed to make the parents feel welcomed at the school.  I even remember from the past, parent-teacher conference days when students would be released from school early so that teachers would have time to meet with parents.  I think that there may be some schools that still do this, but I’m not sure.  So, however you choose to develop this relationship is up to you.  Below are some ideas for developing the parent-teacher relationship.

 1.       Regular communication

  •  Don’t wait until students are causing problems or start failing to call parents, sometimes parents just want to hear good things about their kids
  • This can be done through emails, text messages, letters, postcards, phone calls, etc.

2.      Social Media

  • Create Facebook and Twitter pages so the parents can follow you and know what is going on in their child’s class.
  • Make sure you get permission first   because some principals don’t approve of social media sites.

3.      Bring Your Parent to Class Day

4.      FACS Student Exhibition Day

  • Have students set up examples of their best work and show their parents.  Also a great way to promote your program.

5.      Inviting Parents to Share/Demonstrate/Be Guest Speakers/Volunteer

  • Invite parents to do cooking demonstrations, project demonstrations or just share what they do which may be of use to your students such as a banker  (Getting your first Checking Account
  • Encourage them to volunteer for certain projects and/or events you may have going on

6.      Parent Appreciation Days

  • Not just on Mother’s Day
  • Can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just refreshments

7.      Monthly Newsletters

  • Great student project or FCCLA members project to again highlight your program and what’s going on in your class
  • Doesn’t always have to be printed and mailed; can be emailed or posted on social media site

8.      Blogs and Websites (to be covered in detail at a later date)

9.      Welcome letters

  • Don’t just send home a packet of papers for the parents to sign, send home a little something about you and your program with nice colorful pictures

10.  Let your parents know that they are always welcome!!!

My goal for you is to communicate with your parents because it can make your school year go a whole lot smoother and definitely more interesting!  Have a great day!


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