Student Project Planning Sheets

 Tired of students procrastinating to start on projects….Student Project Planning Sheet Sometimes when students are working on projects, they know what they have to do but they have a difficult time organizing their thoughts.  Other times, the project itself is overwhelming so they procrastinate on getting started. Student Benefits This[Read more]

4 Money Saving Tips for Teachers

(Especially in the FACS Classroom)            Shop at businesses that offer teacher discounts.  There are several out there and they all want to help you save, so why not take advantage of it.  You can start your search here. Use sites like Groupon and Living Social. [Read more]


Hello everyone! How has your summer vacation been going so far?  Mine has been extremely busy!  I moved back to the U.S in April,stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks before finding a home with 2 overly-hyper/excited to be back home kids, moved my mother-in-law in with my family (:/) ;[Read more]

Building Your FCCLA

As you all may know, it’s not always easy to start, run and build an FCCLA program or any CTSO for that matter.  There are always trials such as money, keeping the students interested, participation and more.  So here are a few ideas to assist you with building your FCCLA[Read more]

Marketing Your FCS Program

With so many schools terminating the FACS Program all together, it seems only natural to promote your program and the importance of its existence within your school and community.  Today, we will be looking at some fun and creative ways of promoting your FACS program.  Let’s help ensure that the[Read more]

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