Menu Class Syllabus

Hi!  Since I have decided on the CAFE theme for the upcoming school year, I have decided to use the menu template for a lot of my  paperwork/handouts including my syllabus.  What do you think?

menu syllabus and student info cardThe top two images are pg. 1 and 2 of my syllabus which will be printed front and back and placed in page protectors so that the students can keep them in their notebooks.  The below images are my updated student info cards which serves multiple purposes:

  1. To obtain student and parent information
  2. To document parent contact
  3. To document student behavior by using address labels and sticking them on the cards (Will be discussed in detail a little later)

The student info cards are printed on 5 by 8 index cards!

annotated student info card


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2 thoughts on “Menu Class Syllabus

  1. Love your website Teekabie. Where can I find the template for the Menu Class Syllabus?

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