Marketing Your FCS Program

With so many schools terminating the FACS Program all together, it seems only natural to promote your program and the importance of its existence within your school and community.  Today, we will be looking at some fun and creative ways of promoting your FACS program.  Let’s help ensure that the FACS program is around forever, because it is definitely an essential part of all student education.

Business Cards

  • Great for giving out your information when at events and when people ask what you do, require your assistance, or just want to network
  • Can be used as an admission ticket/pass to your class to allow someone to observe and participate in upcoming special events, projects and presentations in your classroom


  • Great for showing what will be covered in the class on a monthly basis (Can be done digitally or hard copy)
  • Can be sent to administrators and other BOE officials in order to give them a peak inside your classroom

Post Cards as:

  • Recipe post cards would be great for sending home simple information about students, welcoming students/parents to the class and for special events, occassions and holidays
  • Thank you notes
  • Birthday reminders
  • Relationship building/networking by reaching out to the community and giving them a small glimpse of FCS
  • Capturing moments in time (turning class photos into post cards and sharing with parents/community)
  • Invitations

Brochures/Promotional Posters

  • Gives an overview of the entire program including FCCLA
  • Very professional and helsp raise awareness about the profession and the program
  • Posters are great when they are created using actual snapshots of students working in your classroom



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