Let’s Move!

Alright FACS professionals, let’s join the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign!  We already teach the curriculum, so let’s get active.  Here are some ideas to help you incorporate this program into your already established curriculum and/or CTSO activities.  (This would also be a great idea for the focus of Star Events!)

  • Hold weekly afterschool fit classes at your local elementary schools (dance, sports, etc.)
  • Host kid healthy snack cooking classes
  • Host cooking demonstrations (healthy snacks/food portion control) for parents (or even better, young parents)
  • Have your students create healthy snack cookbooks for kids or healthy kid friendly cookbooks

And for fun, check out what some schools did around the country to help kick off this campaign.  I’m also including a sort of teaching video to show you the dance in case your students or CTSO wanted to use it to kick off their own Let’s Move Campaign (especially at the beginning of school in the fall..hint hint) 🙂 !  Visit www.letsmove.gov for more ideas and more information about the program!

So, what are some other ways that FACS/FCCLA can address childhood obesity or even teen obesity?  Feel free to share below!  Have a great week!!!

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