Foods, Nutrition and Science

Here, you will find lessons, projects, worksheets, presentations, and more pertaining to the subjects of food and nutrition, food science, culinary arts, and more.  Please enjoy!!!

Nutrition Basics

This lesson focuses on the six classes of nutrients and their functions within the body.  Everything needed to teach a thorough lesson on this topic is listed below for you to download.

Food Safety

This lesson focuses on safeguarding food in the kitchen.  It covers the four steps to properly achieving this and covers some of the more common bacterial diseases.

The following are additional resources for food safety:

Kitchen Safety

Just as important as food safety comes the topic of kitchen safety.  Of course you want to safely prepare and eat good food, but it is also important that you look out for and prevent accidents of a personal nature as well.  This lesson focuses on safe practices in the kitchen and a presentation, activity ideas, and worksheets for teaching a lesson on this topic.


This lesson below focuses on MyPyramid and includes presentations, projects and worksheets.  It also contains information on  Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

An additional activity to the ones above is MyPyramid Comparison activity.  For this activity, you would have your students draw MyPyramid as it is supposed to be and then next to it draw their personal one.  Making sure that the largest areas on the pyramid are the areas that contain the foods that they eat the most.  Lis

Listed below are other resources to use including a great resource for your use and student use!  It helps students to easily find the calories of foods based on the amount that they eat.  Excellent resource!

Meal Planning

This lesson focuses on the steps of meal planning and even meal planning on a budget.  It contains presentations and several other activities.

Cooking and Preparation Terms

The lesson below focuses on the common terms that are used during the cooking and preparation of food.  You can either use the following presentation of cooking/preparation terms being defined and illustrated or have your students work in groups to create their own focusing on one specific type of terms such as mixing terms, cutting terms, dry cooking methods, moist cooking methods, etc.  Then you would have your students present their presentations to the class making sure that their presentations contain visuals as well.

Another idea would b to allow your students to choose one of the discussed terms and demonstrate to the class either in a foods demonstration or some other presentation.

Reading Recipes

The following lesson focuses on teaching students how to read a recipe, use a recipe and adjust recipes.  This lesson includes presentations, worksheets, and other activities.

Healthy Habits

The following lesson focuses on creating healthy habits.  It includes PowerPoint presentations, projects and whole group activities!

My Plate and Portions

The following lessons will focus on eating the correct portions and utilizing My Plate in all eating situations.


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  1. Wow! I am so impressed with your organization! I hope to start a similar website this fall of my foods classes!

    1. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you like it!

  2. This is so great! I used it in my classroom and did some of the activities at home with my own kids!
    Thank you for your effort, time, and willingness to share!!

  3. This has been so helpful in planning my Lessons. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

  4. You just saved the day for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is my first year teaching high school culinary arts, comin from industry.

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  6. This is amazing! Is there anyway that I could save this in Google Docs, Word or anything else?

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    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas!! I am thinking of using the MyPyramid cookbook project as my Nutrition assessment. Do you happen to have an example one that I can share/show my students? Or even just a sample of one. THANK YOU!!

  8. I have found many items that I can use for my Nutrition & Food class. I appreciate the worksheets and PowerPoints.

  9. I always look..but never comment. Had to stop and do so because you WOWED me!! 56 & 2nd year teaching FOODS> They cahnged the curr. this year..another Hoop for me. THANKS!! Blessings to you for your giving to others, you are essentially, … giving to HIM!!! <

  10. Wonderful resources. Will help me with my students who have disabilities, learning to become kitchen, waiter assistants

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