Welcome to the Clothing category for lesson ideas in your family and consumer science classes.  Here you will find several project ideas to help better prepare students for the world of work in clothing and textiles and how to make basic repairs and take care of your clothing as well.  Of course, there is much more so check it out!!!

Basic Sewing

 Basic sewing is a skill that everyone should have.  It allows you to not only make clothing and textile items, but it also allows you to repair clothing as well.  Some students state that this is a skill that they don’t need, so it is up to FACS teachers to show them otherwise.  Remind them about fixing hems, re-attaching buttons, turning old fashions into new and present fashions, and more!  Below are some resources to help you teach the basics!  Check them out!!!

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are great projects for apparel classes/FACS classes.  They give the students a chance to showcase their skills and creativity and it helps teachers to get a better picture of their student’s understanding of the lessons taught.

                Some fashion show ideas are listed below:

  •  Go Green (redesign/recycle/refashion) show
    • A show that showcases outfits and clothing articles that the students have created from previously owned garments.
  • Tee Shirt Fashion Show
    • A show that showcases inspirational/educational/artistic tees designed by the students.
    • This is a great fundraiser as well and would go nicely with the Screen Tee Shirt Fundraiser listed under Your CTSO-fundraisers.
  • Pretty in Pink
    • A show that each student would design and create a outfit containing pink.
    • A great idea in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and proceeds could be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • Go Red
    • A show that each student would design and create an outfit containing red and/or hearts
    • A great idea in February for Go Red for Women/American Heart Association and again proceeds could be donated to the American Heart Association.
    • This is also great because FCCLA week is in February and its colors are red and white. (Coincident-I think not!)

 In addition to being used for class projects, fashion shows can be used as fundraisers as well (as stated above) and as the subject of Star Event projects.

 Below you will find a link to the project rubric to be used in your classroom.

Refashioning Clothes

 With the big focus on “Going Green” and recycling of products, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before the recycling of clothes caught on  To add more interest to the idea is the talk of the “recession” state of mind.  So why not either take old clothes that you have and redesign them or purchase cheaper/second hand clothes and refashion them to suit your needs and/or style.

 Benefits of Refashioning:

  • Very unique and one of a kind designs
  • Setting your own fashion trends
  • Helping the environment and more!

 Below is a project rubric for having your students complete this type of project.

You may also use the above rubrics for this project as well such as the sewing project rubric.  And please check out the following sites for some great ideas and to check out some of their great work!

Easy Sewing Projects

So you just finished teaching a great lesson on basic sewing and would like to test your student’s knowledge and comprehension.  You are positive that this should be simple to help your sanity and theirs.  Here are a few easy sewing project ideas below complete with step by step instructions.

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising can be a very exciting and rewarding career.  Why not give your students the chance to experience this type of career to help determine interest and to show another career in the FACS area.  In this project, students will create a product related to fashion to create, market and sell.

At the end of this project, you have your own student fashion fair and have the students set up displays to either be judged or actually alow them to sell the products as a class fundraiser or auction them off!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting your easy sewing projects. I am a first year FACS teacher and I have been looking for simple projects for my students to do (that they will actually like). I have found several things here that are potentially going to be permanent tools in my tool box. Thank you!

  2. I am a middle school FACS teacher. Thank you for your resources for FACS teachers.

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