Child Development

This page is where you will find lesson ideas for teaching child development, early childhood education and other topics pertaining to children. It contains PowerPoint presentations, project rubrics and worksheets.  Some of the PowerPoint presentations even have activities at the end.  Enjoy!!!

Studying Children

Looking for activities for teaching your students how to observe children and why its important?  Check out the resources below!

Pregnancy and Birth

Below you will find resources for teaching a lesson on pregnancy and the birthing process.  Some of the projects give you the choice of having your students complete a poster, pamphlet, or PowerPoint presentation.  It is up to you to decide which is why the project rubrics are in word, so that you can manipulate and insert information to make this a better resource for you.


Ready to teach your students about the many faces of parenting, check out the resources below.  Remember, feel free to adjust the assignments and projects as you please! 

Learning About Infants

The following resources will cover activities dealing with the development and care of infants.  Don’t forget to always add comments and tell me what you may be looking for or if anything should be changed. 

Early Childhood Education

The resources are about teaching your students how to teach children.  A lot of the activities below would be great for either donating to day cares and elementary schools and/or allowing your students to take them on their field experiences to enhance their learning experience.  Check it out!

32 thoughts on “Child Development

  1. I’m teaching Child Development to middle and high school students for the first time next school year…All of these topics are so useful! Thanks for sharing! I would love to see more ppts and activities for my students. Thank you!!

  2. This year, I taught child development to a group of “at risk students.” These activities, along with a text book were instrumental in getting the content across as well as projects where students could demonstrate their learning. Additionally, I added an infant toy project, a toddler activity box and designing a perfect playground. The students put forth a tremendous effort in their projects.

    1. I am trying to put together an exciting Child Development program for high school students, and the projects you mentioned in you reply sounds interesting. Would you mind if I incorporate them in my lesson plans if I can find an appropriate place to use them? This is the first year that I’ve co-taught, and I need all the fresh ideas I can find.

      Thanks and I love this website!

      1. You are free to incorporate them in your lesson plans! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Good website, lots of great ideas. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Your’e simply amazing !! Thanks for all of the resources you provide. I still have the apron I won over 2 years ago. I get a lot of compliments on it! 😀

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you like it!! Another giveaway is coming up soon!

  5. Love, Love, Love it!! Thank you so much for posting these ideas!! I am starting the Family and Consumer Science department at my school on my own and this website is a lifesaver!!!!

  6. Do you have the rubrics posted for the infant safety project or the children’s activity project?

    1. The activity sheet is the rubric that I use to grade the student’s work.

  7. Great activities, do you mind if I share them with the inmates who participate in the parenting class that is offered inside the county jail in my city.

    1. You definitely have my approval! Thanks for visiting and sharing!

  8. Do you have a study guide that goes with the Developmental Theorist PPT?

  9. Your website is so useful!! I am looking to change some of the lessons/activities I teach in H&C7 and H&C8 and I found exactly what I needed here. Thank you for sharing!!!

  10. Thank you so much! I love your resources. You are greatly helping out my students and I.

  11. I am a new FACS teacher this year. I teach grades 6-8. Anything you have to inform me about would be a huge help. Thanks so much!

  12. This is such a great resource. I teach adults in a transition program. I am just started a class to teach them how to work in a child care field. Any Additional free resources you can share with me would be appreciated. I have to make my own curriculum.

  13. I am student at the local university and love your powerpoint on child development theorist. May I have permission to use this for one of my lesson plans?

  14. Thank you for sharing the power points for FREE. I know you don’t have to – but I use them, tweak them, add then add my own pictures and other details…They are so helpful for me!

  15. really im so happy, that finally i found the information i needed, thanks

  16. I am sooo very happy I found your site!! I was left with so many materials in my classroom it was overwhelming. I LOVE your site and your lessons- I really appreciate your organization and your detailed lessons! The kids AND other teachers are very luck to have you! Thank you for sharing~!

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