Just FACS turns 1!!!


Can you believe that it has been a year since I first created a post on Just FACS?  Well it has and today Just FACS turns 1! I remember when I decided to post my first lesson plan, only hoping that someone would find it useful.  I wanted to fill that huge void in the curriculum that many FACS teachers find themselves constantly seeking to overcome.  I am so delighted and grateful that you have allowed me to tackle this challenge for you and with you.  So I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for continuing to visit Just FACS!  THANK YOU!!!  Also, here is a brief update on what is going on.


In July 2011 I moved to South Korea.  And even though I am not teaching FACS, I am a career counselor here helping Soldiers transition back into the Civilian world, so I still am promoting a portion of the FACS curriculum.  I plan on continuing to provide resources for FACS teachers, more now than ever.  I am currently awaiting my household goods which is why there has been a lack of posting, due to my lack of resources.  We should have received them in September; however, it looks as though they won’t get here until the beginning of December.  Can you imagine being without your personal things for 5 months?  CRAZY!!!  But that’s the life of a military wife.  Again, I just want to thank you all for being patient, understanding and continuing to use the site for the resources that are here. 


  • My future plans are to continue to update the website, but on a more regular basis.  
  •   To get you all more involved on the website, Facebook, and Twitter.
  •   To create new FACS resources and a lot more to include:  worksheets, projects, PowerPoint presentations, etc.!
  •    New Online chats, seminars, videos and products!!!!!
  •    Bigger and Better contests, give-a-ways, and prizes!
  •    And a whole lot more fun!!!!!

 I am so excited for what the future holds for Just FACS and I just want to continue to help FACS teachers across the world in every way possible.  This is my passion and I want nothing more than to share my passion and excitement for this profession with you all.  And hopefully inspire and motivate you guys as well. 

 So as we move into another year together, don’t hesitate to send me an email, post a comment, ask a question or anything!  I also openly invite all feedback on the site and resources.  Your suggestions on any and everything is greatly appreciated and definitely needed.  I am here for you all and again sorry about the lack of postings and support, but I promise it’s about to get better, a whole lot better!  takeebie@justfacs.com

 Have a “FACS-TASTIC” week and I will talk to you all soon!



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