Introduction to Technology in the FACS Classroom!

The world is constantly changing and mainly due to technology.  Today, technology affects how we function on a daily basis.  Whether it is at home, work, or school, you better believe that technology is involved.  With this being said, no wonder there is such a push for technology to be integrated in your classroom on a regular basis.  Most teachers constantly find themselves in an uphill battle with students constantly attached to technology from cell phones, to IPods/mp3 players, to digital cameras.  Is it not about time we join the winning side and instead of prohibiting the use of technology in our classes, embrace the use of technology; however on our terms. 

 Students and teachers have been adamant in voicing their opinions on the benefits of integrating technology into the classroom.  Some of these benefits include:

  •   Increases student’s experiences by allowing them more opportunities to learn
  •  Increases student performance and student engagement within the class
  •  Allows students to keep up with the necessary technical skills needed to succeed in their future
  •  Increases students responsibility for their own learning
  • And of course, makes learning more fun!

 Let’s face it teachers, learning should be interactive.  And it is this interaction that allows students to use and develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and the creation of new knowledge and products.  All of this and more can be accomplished by integrating technology into your classroom regularly.

 So colleagues, it starts with you!  Below are some ways to get you familiar and somewhat comfortable with using technology.  Once you have a grasp of how to use it personally, then you may expand by integrating it into your classrooms in teaching inside and outside of the classroom.


  • Display student assignments/student’s work
  • Create an interactive classroom
  • Display class updates, newsletters, calendars, syllabus, and class presentations
  • Allow students to submit assignments
  • Use as a daily class journal with videos and pictures

 Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Use facebook and twitter pages so parents/students can follow and know what’s going on in your classroom
  • Notification of upcoming school/club/class events

 Email/text messages

  • Use to send newsletters/progress reports on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Use to send alerts for when notes/report cards, and meetings are scheduled


  • Great for parent/teacher conferences (if parents have skype)

 If you haven’t noticed, these are all ways that teachers can use technology personally.  I have yet to cover how it can be used in the classroom, but don’t worry; we will get to that part next week.  I just wanted to get you to thinking about the start of technology integration in the FACS classroom.  In the upcoming weeks, we will explore the ways listed above in greater detail and more ways of integrating technology in the classroom.  So check back soon for updates!


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