Introducing Google Forms


Hello everyone!  If you haven’t heard about or used Google Forms, you are missing out on something awesome.  Don’t get it confused, google forms isn’t just for creating forms.  For a quick introduction, check out my Google Forms Prezi below.

Now that you know a little bit about Google Forms, here is the great part!  I will be sharing new Google Forms with you throughout the month of February that you can use and modify for your own classroom.  Some of the forms to be shared are listed below:

  • Food Lab Cleaning Checklist
  • FCCLA Membership Application
  • Behavior Tracking Form
  • Student Information form
  • Parent Night Information collection
  • Food Lab Reports and much, much more!
To get us started, here is your first Google form:  Day 1!

Food Lab Cleaning Checklist

This is a form I used with my QR codes (talked about in this post) so that I could hold students accountable and remind them of everything that should be done when cleaning up after their foods lab.  To make your own copy of this form, click on the link above, click file, and then make a copy.  This allows you to copy this form into your Google Drive so that you can start collecting your own data.

Need a quick tutorial on how to get started using Google Forms, check out the introductory video below.

What are some ways you use Google Forms in your classroom or plan to use Google Forms?

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