FCCLA Week Activity Ideas (February 7-13, 2011)

For FACS teachers and FCCLA advisors, FCCLA week is a busy and fun, yet important week.  It is the week to not only showcase the FACS program but it is also your chance to let everyone know what FCCLA is and the benefits of being a part of this magnificent organization.  This is also a great time to get your members more involved.  This year’s weekly theme is To Be Continued.  In my opinion this is a theme that keeps you looking forward to what FCCLA will be doing next.  Below are some ideas to get you started.

  •  Theme Days-Treat FCCLA Week like homecoming week or spirit week by having a different theme for each day.  All daily themes could be tied into the weekly theme of To Be Continued by basing them on TV shows which is usually where you see the To Be Continued statements.  Another cute idea would be to end the week with your students wearing black shirts with the statement of To Be Continued on it as to keep non-members looking for what FCCLA will be doing next.
  • Announcements-Always start the week off by putting a small public announcement on the school’s PDA to acknowledge the start of FCCLA week and to let the school know what’s going on.
  • Member Appreciation Day-A day when you may prepare or purchase, breakfast or lunch for your members.  Ice Cream buffets, Taco Buffets, burgers, etc. are all good ideas.
  • Administration Appreciation Day-We did cute lunch boxes for our administration.  We took orders and assembled their lunches with sandwiches, chips, fruit, and beverage.
  • CTAE/CTE Department Appreciation Day (CTE month)-We prepared breakfast for all the department teachers of pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, juice, and fruit.  They really enjoyed it!
  • Black History Trivia Contest-We posted trivia questions during lunch for the entire week and those who got the most right names were put into a drawing for a Valentine Gift Basket.  This could easily be done with FCCLA trivia as well.
  • Clean Up Your School Day
  • Social Event for All Local FCCLAs-Get together either with all the other FCCLAs in the community or just one and allow your students to either have a party, game day, etc.  This is better because you allow your students to make friends with other members of different schools.
  • Professional Dress up Day-Great day to show that FCCLA members are always professional and would be a great day to invite guest speakers in from the community.
  • FCCLA Talent Show-This can be done as a fundraiser for the entire school or as a fun and social event with other FCCLA organizations in the community.
  • Mr. and Miss FCCLA Pageant-Again, it would be nice to invite other FCCLA organizations so that this could be the Mr and Miss FCCLA for the county or it could be done at individual schools.  Great way to raise funds as well.
  • FCCLA Promotional Posters-Make sure that you get up posters early to let everyone know that FCCLA week is coming and you can also encourage other students to join, if not this year, next year.  With a discount being offered during this week only.
  • Teacher Appreciation Day-Again allow your students to show appreciation for their teachers by creating small favors to either hand deliver or place in their mail boxes.  Good ideas include candy, baked goods, popcorn and more!
  • Valentine Day Cards for Senior Citizens-This is always a fun idea to have students create valentine day cards and/or small favors to deliver to the senior citizens at a local nursing home.
  • National Programs– You also want to take this time to cover the FCCLA National Programs not only with your members but with all your classes as well by having them complete projects in this area.
  • FCCLA Tee Shirt Day-At least one day, have your students wear their club shirts to school!

As previously stated, you want to make this week as fun and informative as possible.  Another great idea would be to decorate not only the school with posters but your classroom as well with balloons and other items (at least for the start of the week).  This is guaranteed to increase excitement for your students.  Hopes this at least gives you a running start.  Some other sites to check out for ideas are below.

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