FCCLA Member Handbook Template

Due to many requests, here is an updated copy of my FCCLA member handbook available for download and editable.  I left it pretty blank so that you can customize to your liking.

All of the FCCLA information contained in the handbook can be found on the FCCLA website at www.fcclainc.org .  I know that there is only one note page, project planning page, and meeting notes page, but feel free to print as many as needed.  For example if you have monthly meetings, print a meeting notes page for each month.

Tips for printing:  The handbook was printed in word with a page size of 5 by 8.  you may also print it in this size using the 5 by 8 blank index cards for thicker and more durable pages or just cut regular printing paper in half into size 5.5 by 8.5 and this will work as well.

FCCLA Handbook

ENJOY!!!  🙂

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