Differentiate Learning with Choice Boards



I hope that you don’t think that choice boards and menus are only for younger kids.  I have found them to be very useful with the older ones and much more successful as well.

Benefits of Choice Boards

  • Allows students more freedom with a choice of activities
  • Allows students to work at their own pace
  • Promotes independence and responsibility
  • Promotes a more positive behavior

So here are some ideas to either create your own and a sample one that may be useful as well.

  1.  Decide what you want to use your choice boards for.
    1. Weekly classroom activities
    2. Projects
    3. Extension activities
    4. Homework assignments
    5. Extra credit
    6. Early finishers
  2. Decide what type of activities you want to include.
    1. Book assignments
    2. Graphic organizers
    3. Projects
  3. Decide what type of format you will use.
    1. Regular 5 x 5 choice board
    2. Tic Tac Toe board
    3. Dinner Menu
  4. Decide the number of activities the students will have to complete and time limit
    1. 3-5 activities
    2. 1 for each section if using menu
    3. 1 week to complete or 2 weeks (depending on the type of choice board it is)

Ideas for activities to include on Choice Boards/Menus

  • Read Chapter/Complete review questions
  • Read Chapter/outline each section
  • Graphic organizer concepts (compare/contrast)
  • Define all terms in the chapter
  • Concept foldable
  • Glogster or poster
  • Concept brochure
  • Powerpoint presentations/prezi
  • Study guides, etc.

Choice Board Templates

Here is a sample choice board for teaching about Job Preparation and Readiness:  Foundations Sample Choice board

Do you use choice boards in your classroom?  Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Differentiate Learning with Choice Boards

    1. Sometimes Tynia, but they are usually very basic but also depend on the type of activities in the choice board.

  1. I was at the GATFACS Winter Conference and heard your presentation on differentiation. I thought your presentation power point would be on here, but I can’t seem to locate it. Will you please send it to me at my school email address?

    Kathy Kennedy
    FACS teacher
    Washington County High School

  2. I LOVE this!!! I will definitely be using this in Hospitality Services and Nutrition!!

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