Day 30: Wiggio


Uses:  This website allows you to create a central communications hub for whatever you need, mainly FCCLA.  With this resource you can hold virtual meetings, share calendars, take polls/votes, send mass email/text messages, share files, plan projects, assign tasks and much, much more.  I can’t even explain all the good stuff you can do with this site and its free!  Swing by and check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Day 30: Wiggio

  1. Just had a quick question about choosing chapter officers? I couldn’t find a place to
    leave this comment. I have been an advisor for the past 2 years to a new chapter and struggle with picking chapter officers, any suggestions?

    1. I usually allow them to volunteer and then create speeches to present to the group and allow the members to vote or allow your students to nominate the ones they think would make great leaders. I will post this question in the forum for you as well under FCCLA. Hope this helps!

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