Fooducate: Revisited

I first posted about Fooducate in 2012 in my 31 Days of Technology Posts!  However, my has it changed!  In addition to the information shared below in the original post, it also contains:

If you are anything like me, you forget how useful something is until you go back and revisit it.  Now I find myself using this website and the app myself on a regular basis. Website: Uses:  Fooducate is not only a useful website but an iphone/ipad app as well.  This resource allows you to compare food products, select better alternatives, and find out about the nutritional information.  Very useful when grocery shopping, planning meals, or for use in nutritional projects in the classroom.  Every FACS teacher needs this website bookmarked or favorited and the app installed on the ipad and/or iphone.  “Practice what you teach!”

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3 thoughts on “Fooducate: Revisited

  1. I’ve created a handout for students to use with the Foodcate App. I will leave it in the forum area under Technology.

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