As stated previously, the month of February is also CTE/CTAE month.  CTE stands for Career Technical Education and CTAE (as is used in some states) stands for Career, Technical and Agricultural Education.  CTE programs basically prepares students for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible and usable by students by providing it in a hands-on context.

So if you are looking for some ways to promote your program and/or just the CTE programs in general, check out a few of the ideas below.

  • CTE Promotional Brochure/Catalog Project-A lot of schools and CTE programs may already have this in place, but if not, it’s a great project to let your students tackle to learn more about CTE and help promote it at the same time.
    • What should your brochure include:
      • Creative cover
      • Definition of CTE
      •  A list of either the 16 course clusters and/or career pathways
      • Allow each CTE program to have 1-2 pages (The setup needs to be the same for all CTE programs)
      • Require each CTE program to submit pictures relevant to their classes to include as well (or have your students go in and take them)
      • A page listing the careers possible through each CTE program
      • You may also cover CTSOs, diploma options, graduation seals, dual enrollment programs, work-based learning programs, and workplace readiness programs such as Work Keys and KeyTrain
    • Project Extension: (Take this project further and make it a greater resource)
      • Contact businesses about purchasing advertisement space within the brochure to help fund production costs.  Try to make sure that you contact advertisers that are in areas related to CTE

*These brochures are great to hand out to new students and at open house to encourage enrollment in the CTE program.  It also is a great tool to let the community and businesses know what CTE programs are all about.

  •  CTE Career Fair-  I know that you have all heard of Career Fairs and then you see all the doctors, lawyers, bank executives, etc.  What about those careers that pertain to CTE.  So want to promote the CTE program and let the students really know their career options when entering into these pathways?  Hold a fair!
    • What you should do: 
      • Invite only businesses and career persons that jobs relate the CTE programs at your school.  For example for FACS-chef, baker (bring in pastries) clothing line owner, interior designer, etc.  For Automotive-Car dealerships, mechanics, car manufacturers, etc. 
      • These businesses and personnel can bring in props, complete demonstrations, host contests, and more
      • Invite colleges and technical schools as well that students can attend to further pursue these career pathways.
      • Make sure that the event is organized, fun, entertaining, and most importantly informational.  You want to give the students a real look into these careers to spark excitement and interest in your CTE programs and the professions.

*These types of events are great for creating relationships with the businesses and is very informative for the students and the community.

  •  CTE Exhibition Day Now, you are going to want to come up with a more creative name.  This can also become a community service project by tailoring it towards senior citizens.  What this day does is give your students a chance to showcase the skills that they are learning in your classes. 
    • What you should do: 
      • Have each CTE program at your school choose a service that they would like to perform.  Some ideas are below
        • FACS-cooking demonstrations, refreshments, tracking foods,   
        • Automotive-oil changes, car washes, maintenance check list
        • Marketing-creates the flyers, brochures and other marketing materials
        • Business-setting up email accounts, online bill pay, etc.
        • Technology Education-different electronic demos such as ipods, ipads, downloading apps, etc.
        • Cosmetology-facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.
        • Health care- take blood pressure, CPR/first aid demonstrations, the importance of first aid kits and emergency kits within the home.
      • These services could be open to the entire community, only senior citizens, or the entire student body (after school of course)
      • You could also have other projects set up that the students have completed as well and allow the visitors to walk around and have the students explain their work.

*This type of activity not only gives your students a chance to showcase what they have learned in your class, but also informs the community and others about what goes on in your classroom.

  •  CTSO Field Day-This is a great activity that is fun to allow the students to relax and interact with the other CTE programs and organizations.
    • What you should do:
      • Choose a location such as a gym or football field depending on weather
      • Set up different stations and activities.
        • Volley ball, softball, basketball
        • Three legged race, water balloon toss
        • Obstacle courses
        • Dodge ball
        • Hoola Hoop
        • Jump rope, etc.
      • Hire a DJ or find a stereo to play music
      • You can also have refreshments (such as a cook out)
      • Have each CTSO wear their shirts

*Believe me, your members and students will be talking about this for the remainder of the year and I’m sure you will have fun as well.

Other ideas could include creating and handing out CTE bookmarks, sending CTE postcards home detailing what will be going on this month and informing parents about the program.  These same postcards could also be mailed  to different local businesses as well.

*Well, I hope these ideas helped and got you thinking about the very busy month and have a very productive February!!!

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