Classroom Management: Reward Coupons

Hello everyone.  I’ve been working on my classroom management strategy for the upcoming school year.  This year, I have decided to do reward coupons.  Every two weeks or sometimes even randomly (depending on class behavior), I will reward the students who have no behavior problems with a coupon.  Coupon rewards will include:

  • 5 Bonus Points on a Quiz or Assignment
  • Choice from a treat box
  • Lab on me (meaning I will provide the assigned food that the student is supposed to bring in for their group)
  • Pick a Prize (from a school supply basket-students are always running out of supplies or forgetting them)
  • Turn in an assignment late without penalty
  • Free pen or pencil
  • Second chance (reverse of one step on their 4 step discipline plan)
  • Lunch on me (restaurant gift card or lunch prepared in the lab or even microwave dinner..Lol!)
  • Free spin (look below for additional information)

I created the coupons and printed them on Avery Business Cards!  Here is a link so you can download them:  Reward Coupons

So while I was contemplating how to choose what card to give to the student, I came across a wonderful app called Decide Now!  It is an app used for randomly making choices.  So every two weeks, my students with no behavior incidents will have a chance to spin the wheel and receive a coupon and/or prize (if they choose to cash it in at the same time).  However, let me point out that this app can be used for so much more!

decide now app






It can be used to:

  • Randomly choose students for class participation
  • Assign groups and/or group leaders
  • Help decide which person or group goes first in game, event or class presentations
  • Choose project topics for groups
  • Create a carnival booth…just link your ipad to a screen and no expensive wheel to purchase (Pay per spin to win a prize!)
  • What major ingredient a student will be working with for lab day choices (to make it interesting)
  • And more of course!

What are some ways you would use Decide Now in the classroom?

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