Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back for another exciting school year as a Family and Consumer Sciences Professional. I know that I have been MIA for seems like over a year here on the blog even though I have been posting here and there on the Facebook page. I am so looking forward to[Read more]

I can’t believe that it has been 3 Years since Just FACS was launched!  In the past 3 years, I have shared over 200 lessons, presented at advisory meetings, and as most recently stated, started selling my own products (Some being digital downloads).  On a more personal side in the[Read more]


Hello everyone! How has your summer vacation been going so far?  Mine has been extremely busy!  I moved back to the U.S in April,stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks before finding a home with 2 overly-hyper/excited to be back home kids, moved my mother-in-law in with my family (:/) ;[Read more]

Just FACS opens C.A.F.E.

Hello everyone, You spoke and I listened.  Just FACS now has a forum called C.A.F.E. (Create Alliance of FACS Educators).  This is a community just for us where you may make suggestions, talk about your day, request help, share ideas, network and much, much more.  You may even upload lessons[Read more]

Go me, it’s my birthday and I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday!  I’m so excited today!  First because I get to turn another year older and become another year wiser and secondly, because Just FACS has published its first 2 products and they are ready for sale!   I can’t[Read more]

The Winners Announced!

The winners for the hourly giveawyas from the open house are as follows: 7:00 (Subway gift card)-Janet Holden 8:00 (Supplies gift card)- Mandy B. “let me know which store-Office max, office depot or Staples” 9:00 (Boojiboo Apron)-Ashley Whitesides Final (Hobby Lobby gift card)-Ashley (no last name) Please send your mailing[Read more]