February Activities

Black History Month Activities Black History Month is a remembrance of the important African American leaders and historical events that have changed the world.  It is also a great topic for integrating the core subject of social studies in FACS.  Some project ideas and activities are listed below. Black History[Read more]

January Activities

Goal Setting Activity With the start of a new year, I’m sure you have set some goals (resolutions..lol!) that you would like to accomplish.  How about allowing your students to do the same thing?  Have your students either create posters or journals of their goals.  Have them find visuals or[Read more]

The Week Before Winter Break…

It’s the week before winter vacation and all through the school, not a student is listening, and that’s just not cool.  The teachers are coming up with lessons out of thin air because they are practically burnt out by this time of year.  If this is you, please keep reading…[Read more]

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