Day 13: Big Huge Labs

Website: Uses:  Excellent resource website for allowing your students to take their projects above and beyond the ordinary.  It allows you and students to take images and change them into magazine covers, posters, slideshows, billboards, wallpaper and more.  Let’s upgrade your students’ projects so that they become more engaged.

Day 11: Kikutext

Website: Uses:  This program allows you to send personalized text messages to parents and allow them to respond as well.  You can also save all messages as to provide documentation of parent/teacher communications.  No more letters being lost and/or forgotten to give to parents.

Day 9: Teacher Assistant Pro

This is an iPad/iPhone app and it is not free; however it is a free trial that you can check out! Website: Uses:  This app lets you track student behavior and classroom habits.  Once the behavior is recorded, you can simply email your students’ behavior reports to their parents.  Talk[Read more]

Day 8: Houzz

Website: Uses:  Today I chose to focus on a digital resource more personal to the FACS curriculum, specifically interior design.  This is a great website for finding examples of interior design elements/principles.  It can also be very useful in enabling students to complete multiple projects in your interior design[Read more]

Day 7: Classroom Architect

Website: Uses:  This website allows you to rearrange your classroom and/or plan the look of your classroom without moving a single piece of furniture.  It is also great for planning FACS lab areas and other special areas/centers in the classroom.

Day 6: Glogster

Website: Uses:  This resource allows teachers/students to create interactive posters that can contain text, graphics, music, videos and more.  Great for going beyond those same old posters taped to the wall and stepping into the 21st century of digital posters for the world to see.  There is also a[Read more]

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