Reactions: Everyday Chemistry

Hello everyone, I recently came across a great video resource site for Food Science.  If you are looking for some quick informational videos to use in class to help explain some of those food science concepts, Reactions:  Everyday Chemistry  is the place to go! Check out the video below on the[Read more]

Food Science: BBQ

Hello everyone!  I hope that your school year has started off to a great start.  I know that it will probably be a while before you get to grilling in your food science class, but wanted to provide you with a very helpful and exciting resource. If you are looking[Read more]

Food Lab Friday: Fruit Roll-ups (Food Science: Food Preservation Lesson)

I came across some wonderful resources while planning for my food preservation unit in my food science course.  I hope you find it useful as well. Food Preservation Prezis Food Preservation Prezi I Food Preservation Prezi II Food Science Food Preservation Worksheet (I created this worksheet to go along with Prezi[Read more]

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