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As you all may know, it’s not always easy to start, run and build an FCCLA program or any CTSO for that matter.  There are always trials such as money, keeping the students interested, participation and more.  So here are a few ideas to assist you with building your FCCLA program.  Hope this comes in handy.


-Great resource for the organization members that explains FCCLA the organization, membership responsibilities and expectations.  It will be used more if it is something that the students can use outside of the organization as well.  Here is a sample of the handbook that I made for my FCCLA and some of the information/pages that were included:

  • Name Page “This Book Belongs to” and a place for semester schedules
  • Organization Rules/Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Calendar/Planner that students could use to keep track of upcoming events
  • Officers for the year
  • Welcome Page
  • Basic information about FCCLA
  • Brief overview of state projects and Star Events
  • FCCLA Creed
  • Address/Contact Pages
  • Note Pages

There are definitely some things I would do different in the handbook, but this was my first attempt and the students really enjoyed using them and bringing them to the meetings.  Below you will find my first attempt at the FCCLA handbook.

 Meeting Ideas

-Of course, the purposes of meetings are to plan for and inform students of upcoming events and discuss club business.  However, all meetings don’t have to be this way.  Sometimes getting creative with the meetings and considering what would be more beneficial to the members will help with keeping students interested and participating.  Some meeting ideas are listed below:

  • Personal Development Workshopssuch as:
  • Officer Meetingscan be used for the following activities:
    • Creating club calendars
    • Sending out emails/texts about upcoming events
    • Creating meeting agendas
    • Updating bulletin boards
    • Developing leadership skills/teamwork
  • Club Socials
    • Special events related to holidays
    • Game nights
    • Dinner and a Movie
    • Arts and Crafts


-Looking for some new and different ways to raise money for your organization?  Here are some that are a little different, but fun and should definitely have big returns!

  • Helpers for Hire
  • Creating published documents such as school newsletters, yearly calendars, etc. and sell advertising
  • Bingo Night
  • Holiday/Special Occasion wreaths

You can get more details about these fundraisers here!

Got more ideas for building your FCCLA, join us in the CAFE under FCCLA!

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2 thoughts on “Building Your FCCLA

  1. I Love the FCCLA Handbook! I need to make one for my club! Do you have a link to see the pages in the book so that I could have something to go by! Thanks’

  2. I love your member handbook. It is a great help for me, this is my first year in high school and running the FCCLA club. I feel like a fish out of water, so this is a big help.
    Thank you,

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