Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back for another exciting school year as a Family and Consumer Sciences Professional. I know that I have been MIA for seems like over a year here on the blog even though I have been posting here and there on the Facebook page. I am so looking forward to[Read more]

Vocabulary Choice Boards

Let’s face it, there is really no way of getting around teaching vocabulary. Students need to learn new words on a regular basis in order to increase their personal vocabulary and to be able to fully understand what they are learning about in class. In order to get out of[Read more]

Reactions: Everyday Chemistry

Hello everyone, I recently came across a great video resource site for Food Science.  If you are looking for some quick informational videos to use in class to help explain some of those food science concepts, Reactions:  Everyday Chemistry  is the place to go! Check out the video below on the[Read more]

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