Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back for another exciting school year as a Family and Consumer Sciences Professional. I know that I have been MIA for seems like over a year here on the blog even though I have been posting here and there on the Facebook page. I am so looking forward to[Read more]

Vocabulary Choice Boards

Let’s face it, there is really no way of getting around teaching vocabulary. Students need to learn new words on a regular basis in order to increase their personal vocabulary and to be able to fully understand what they are learning about in class. In order to get out of[Read more]

Reactions: Everyday Chemistry

Hello everyone, I recently came across a great video resource site for Food Science.  If you are looking for some quick informational videos to use in class to help explain some of those food science concepts, Reactions:  Everyday Chemistry  is the place to go! Check out the video below on the[Read more]

Virtual Labs for Food Science

Food Science continues to be one of those areas that FACS teachers are still having difficulty teaching properly.  This can be due to lack of knowledge, lack of resources, or lack of interest in the subject matter.  Whenever I find a resource that addresses one of those areas, I have to[Read more]

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