31 Days of Technology Tools for Teachers

In celebration of my birthday month and promotion of my new product “iFACS” I will be posting a different technology resource that will be useful for everyday classroom use.  These resources will include websites and apps.  You all know how I like to give!!!  Hope you enjoy.

Check back each day this month and by the end of the month, you will have over 30 tools for efficiently and creatively using technology in your classroom.

If you have used the resource before, please share how below in the comment section or stop by the C.A.F.E. and share your ideas as well as pics there.

Considering my late start this week, today you get 4 for 1:

Day 1:  Skype in the Classroom

Website:  http://education.skype.com/

Uses:  Skype in the classroom allows teachers to collaborate on classroom projects through skype.  It also allows teachers/students from all over the world to interact with each other, share their projects, ideas, skills and resources without leaving the classroom.  With skype, students and teachers can gain an extraordinary experience that is educational, exciting and memorable.

 Day 2:  WordPress/Blogger

Website:  http://www.wordpress.com or http://www.blogger.com

Uses:  Both of these are websites where you can create free blogs and/or websites to use in your classroom.  Both are great, but in my opinion, WordPress has more plugins that enable you to create a more interactive site.


Day 3:  Dragon Dictation

Website: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dragon-dictation/id341446764?mt=8

* Free app on the iphone, ipad and android.

Uses:  This voice recognition software that writes what you speak.  Great resource for creating notes when doing a lecture or PowerPoint presentation for students who were maybe absent or need additional help or remediation.  This is also a great tool for students who may have difficulty with writing and/or spelling.

Day 4:  Edublogs

Website:  http://edublogs.org/

Uses:  Another great resource for creating a classroom website.  Added bonuses for this program include the ability to allow each student to create their own blog (great project idea) and you can oversee and manage the entire thing.


Have additional website ideas that do what these do, please feel free to share below!  See you tomorrow for Day 5!

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