Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! School is back in session and I must say it is off to a great start. I followed through with my first day plans and they were all a success. The bingo was a big hit as well! What was so great was that I gave away required class supplies Asa prize and the students were excited! They actually wanted school supplies…Lol! Check out the prize pack below.


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6 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Dear Takeebie:

    Love your products! You are so creative.

    I placed an order on 9/11 and one of the items will not open on my computer. I do not have PhotoShop, only Arc Photo Studio.

    It is a Publisher file and I have Publisher but it won’t open. Menu Style Syllabus and Student Information Cards. Can you resend it to me @ sspropst@gmail.com. I ordered it originally through my sspropst1@aol.com email as I order through this email to not get so many emails on my personal email account. The file is a TbT icon. So I think it has to be opened with a photo app and mine apparently won’t open it.

    I also downloaded your “Appetizer Bell Ringer” Form and can’t find it now. Where did I get this? On TbT.




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