Kitchen Appliances and Utensils Lesson Idea








Here is a new lesson for teaching about kitchen appliances and utensils.  Check out some of the resources below.

Additional Activity Idea:

Kitchen Utensil Activity Idea

  • Pick out several different recipes.
  • Copy and paste the ingredients, instructions, but not equipment needed onto a new page.
  • Have students figure out what types of kitchen utensils would be needed to complete the recipe.
  • Try to choose recipes that include tasks such as chopping, shredding, flipping, fold in, cut in, brush etc. so that you can use a wide variety of utensils.
    • Don’t forget to remind students about the proper measuring tools as well.

Alternative would be to allow the students to actually make the recipes once they have figured out what tools to use.  It would help enforce the importance of using proper tools when preparing recipes.

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